Dental Discount Plans in Riverton

We’re making excellence in dental care affordable for you in Riverton

Now you can join our low-cost dental discount plan for a nominal membership fee. Our coverage entitles you to preventive dental care at no cost! Corrective services are available for small co-payments that are far less than the usual customary fees. Our professional staff is qualified to care for all your dental and orthodontic needs! Call Abundant Dental Care of Riverton today at 801-561-1559 to enroll.

Plan Overview

  • All health conditions accepted
  • You cannot be denied coverage
  • No deductibles
  • No health questions
  • You cannot be singled out for rate increases or cancellations
Low-cost Coverage

  • Individual - $149/yr
  • Individual and Spouse - $199/yr
  • Family Plan - $249/yr

Discounts and Details

  • 20% discount off retail dental fees
  • Two discounted cleanings in the absence of disease per year
  • Two comprehensive exams per year
  • All preventive X-Rays per year
  • No annual maximum
  • Applies to Orthodontics, Implants, Whitening, Cosmetic Services and more
  • Available for Employers to purchase for employees

Preventive Dentistry Includes

Service Cost with Plan Cost Without Plan
Examination No Charge $70
X-Rays (every 12 months) No Charge $130
Adult Cleaning (every six months) $64 $80
Children’s Cleaning (every six months) $48 $59
Fluoride Treatment for Children (every six months) No Charge $38

Please inquire about services not listed above by calling 801-561-1559

*Patients agree that Abundant Dental Care fees must be paid at the time services are rendered. Any service not paid for at the time of service will be billed at usual and customary fees. Coverage fees are valid only when paid at the time of enrollment. All family members must reside in the same household. This is not an insurance product and cannot be used in conjunction with insurance.

To enroll in one of our in-house dental care plans, please call 801-561-1559 or visit our location.