Sugar House Dentist Tips for Cavities

Premier tips from top Sugar House dental care specialists to avoid cavities from too much Halloween candy

Halloween is right around the corner, and that means trick or treating for families with small children. While this night of spooky fun should be enjoyed, there are some measures parents can take to avoid cavities caused by an overload of sugar-laden sweets.

  • Be selective with candy choices - After your children return home with their haul, go through their candy bags and remove candies that are sticky, chewy, or hard. These types of candies stay in the mouth longer and often get stuck to teeth, meaning that sugar is in contact with teeth and gums for longer periods of time. Candies that are quickly swallowed or dark chocolates are best.
  • Eat candy in moderation - Don't let your children graze on candy throughout the day. Instead, allow them one or two pieces after a meal.
  • Stay hydrated - Drinking water after eating candy is a great way to eliminate leftover sugars in the mouth.

If you're worried about cavities after Halloween, Abundant Dental is your leading Sugar House dentist that practices pediatric dentistry. We can provide your children with the best dental care in Sugar House and keep their teeth and gums sugar free.

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