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      See patients have to say about Abundant Dental Care

      “My dentist recently retired and I was fortunate to find Dr. Townsend and Murray Dental Care. I was able to get in quickly and the staff was very friendly and efficient. I was impressed with Dr. Townsend’s expertise and quality of his care. I have never been a fan of going to dentist but I am very comfortable with Dr. Townsend and so happy to have found a new dentist for my family. I also like the convenience of the location. Close to the freeway and central location in the valley. I highly recommend this clinic for anyone that is searching for a dentist or looking to change.”

      – Claudia D.

      "Amazing people, Lindsey was really helpful and thoughtful, explaining everything to me. Great service! Highly recommended."

      – Pablo Q.

      "These guys are awesome took good care of me and my wife. Dr. Townsend was very knowledgeable and personable. We are busy folks and they were quick and efficient."

      – Dave D.

      "What a fantastic dental office from the office staff, dental hygienist, and dentist–they were all very courteous and caring. I would highly recommend this office, their care is top of the line! Hands down the best dental care I have ever had."

      – Emily M.

      "These people are incredible, Dr. Townsend is amazing. They really want to help people. They’re honest, talented, and will make you feel better even if you don’t like going to the dentist. I highly recommend you give them a try."

      – Rob S.

      "Dr. Townsend was so great with my son. He was honest about what would be best for him, and his services were fantastic. I highly recommend someone so honest and caring. Thank you, Dr. Townsend!"

      – Lori J.

      "I love the staff at Murray Dental Care on Winchester. I am so glad that I went back. Everyone is so nice and caring that I felt like a part of the family after a couple of visits. They truly take care of you. Thank you!"

      – Caren L.

      "I was very happy with Murray Dental. All the staff was very welcoming and friendly and more importantly helpful and knowledgeable. They were flexible and were able to get me the care I needed, quickly and with quality. I will most definitely be back!"

      – Miller M.

      "Dr. Townsend was so helpful. He was able to get me in on a Sunday for an emergency root canal. He got rid of the pain so that I could function. He and his staff were great and very helpful. I’ll definitely be switching dentists."

      – Amber K.

      "This place might just be the best experience I’ve ever had at a dental office. The hygienists were awesome and Dr. Townsend was so personable and professional. Fixed a chipped tooth like a champ. Now it looks better than the original. I’ve found my dentist for years to come. Highly recommended."

      – Chad A.

      "It’s obvious working with Dr. Townsend that he truly cares about his clients. I’ve never known a dentist who will go so far out of their way to make themselves available for clients 24/7. Highly recommend."

      – Ben F.

      "Most outstanding staff. Very courteous and extremely polite and professional. Highly recommend to anybody. Thank you so much for everything."

      – Chris P.

      "I’ve never been treated so well anywhere let alone a dental office! The staff is super friendly and all came to introduce themselves to me. They have big screens in every operating bay where you can choose music to listen to! They were very helpful and upfront about the cost of fixing my teeth. And they fixed my root canal on the first visit! I’m never going to a different dentist. They’re stuck with me."

      – America S.

      "I am so grateful there are offices like Murray Dental Care. It was such an inviting atmosphere. They offer complimentary amenities in their waiting room such as water, tea, and coffee. The staff is both professional and fun to engage with and they really care about what they are doing. Very personable and thorough. I was worried that I had a filling loose and they took the time to check and double-check and even triple-check to make sure everything was okay. They gave me the simple peace of mind that the filling was in fact just fine. They then took it a step further to do a fully comprehensive exam to make sure my dental health was at its optimal and I left there not only with clean teeth but a better feeling about my dental health overall. They have a quality over quantity mentality and I could not be more pleased with how affordable their care plans are. They surpassed any expectation I could have ever had!”

      – Jordan C.

      “It is refreshing to go to a dentist appointment and not have to take time off to take care of yourself. The hours are so convenient. Also, the entire staff is fantastic and knowledgeable. I even felt reassured about the potential of needing to have further work done and know that I’ll be comfortable and in great hands. Thank you!”

      – Tiffany B.

      "I felt like I was surrounded by my closest friends. The employees here honestly care about their patients. I also love that they are open later and on the weekends. I will never go anyplace else."

      – Mel C.

      "I made my first visit there because of a dental emergency. Everyone was SO AMAZINGLY friendly and kind. Even (and especially) the woman in billing. Everything was so thorough. Everything was explained and they encouraged questions and took the time to answer them. It was a very reassuring experience.”

      – Caitlin M.

      "Everyone was very pleasant and friendly. They ALL took my fear of going to the dentist seriously and did all they could to make me feel comfortable. I really appreciate their efforts."

      – Crystal T.

      "Very personable and professional! Both the staff and the Doctor were extremely friendly and knowledgeable and explained each step clearly before performing them, which helped for a new patient. I’m normally nervous about going to the dentist, so their high level of care and friendliness helped a lot! They also have very modern equipment and expertise. Already made my next appointment!”

      – Mihnea D.

      "This has been the best dentist experience I have had!!!! I was nervous finding a new dentist and now I am realized to be taken care of by such an amazing personable doctor and staff! I am not scared of the dentist anymore!"

      – Brooklyn G.

      "Everything was nice and clean, employees were efficient, friendly and professional. They use the best technology and Dr. Allen was very attentive and informative."

      – Kori C.

      "Everyone was SO friendly and accommodating! I’m a new patient and I loved my experience there."

      – Sophie W.

      "The MOST awesome dentist’s office I’ve ever visited. Don’t like the dentist? You will after your visit here, I promise you."

      – Matoh H.

      "Great experience! The staff is all incredibly welcoming and helpful. I feel like I can trust all their recommendations. Prices are very competitive and appointment times are convenient. I always get a personal follow-up and feel like I can ask questions anytime. Highly recommend! Establishing new care is always a daunting task but they made it seamless and effortless!"

      – Alyssa F.

      "Emergencies happen and they happen when everyone else is closed. Dr. Allen and his amazing team got us in on a Saturday!! They took great care of my husband in their state-of-the-art office. Very affordable too!! Top-notch service deserves my 5 stars. This team is amazing! Thank you so much!!"

      – Mary N.

      "I’ve never been to a nicer friendlier dentist. The entire staff was awesome and really took the time to talk and explain what was happening."

      – Lindsey Z.

      “I live about 15 miles away and still go all the way to Riverton because this dental team is just amazing! They took really good care of my teeth and work with me financially even though I had no dental insurance. Everyone is so nice and welcoming. I’ll surely keep going to Abundant Dental Care!!”

      – Carolina D.

      “I was pretty nervous thinking about changing dentists. I have been going to one for over 20 years and I trusted him and his staff. I considered changing because his location is far from my home, and to facilitate kids to and from took an easy 3+ hours. Also, his hours are very limited at 4 days a week, and his latest appointment for us together was 3pm. I knew I needed something more convenient, and could trust. I called Abundant and I was pleased with the kind demeanor on the phone. I asked what specials they had, and she said they offered $0 for first-time visits. I was seen the next day, and met Lindsay N. who is a doll! She was very talkative and did a great thorough cleaning. She provided some good advice in a very nice way. Dr. Gonzalez came in shortly after my cleaning and checked my x-rays. She suspected a very small cavity in my molar, and explained how it appeared small, but cavities are diamond-shaped. She said the tip is what they see, and beneath it can fan out, like an iceberg. She said they could take care of it then (at this time it was about 6pm) or I could wait until next visit or whatever I was comfortable with. I said if she had the time that day, I would love to just have them take care of it. They were quick to set up, and before I knew it I was numbed up and getting drilled shortly thereafter. She said it was bigger than expected and was happy we took care of it right away before it got to the nerves. A cavity is hard to do well, and I was quite pleased that there was absolutely no discomfort during the entire procedure. It took about 30 minutes total, and so far so good! They were diligent to schedule me for 6 months out, and I am very happy to return. I would highly recommend to friends and family.”

      – Stacie S.