Dental Insurance vs. In-House plans

The insurance world can be tricky to navigate. Choosing a dental plan that works best for you and your family can be overwhelming. Understanding the benefits and differences between in-house dental plans and dental insurance can make your journey less of a puzzle and a simple, easy-to-understand decision.


Your dental health is essential. Finding a practice that takes your dental insurance or offers an in-house plan plays a significant role in the future of your oral health. Whether you need a routine cleaning or have a dental emergency, there is a plan for you. This blog focuses on the differences between health insurance and in-house plans and what you can expect from both. Let’s get started.



Dental Insurance Plans


Dental insurance, also known as conventional insurance, is usually offered by one’s employer. Traditional dental insurance has stayed at a steady financial pace for individuals who sign up for the benefits. However, due to general inflation the price of dental work has gone up within the past 40 years, making dental work more expensive in the long run. This type of plan usually has a maximum you can spend using your coverage, with an average of $1,500 max annual benefit. For those who require more complex dental work, this factor can be problematic, which is why an In-House Dental Discount Plan may provide additional assistance.


So, what is the big picture with choosing a dental insurance plan? This type of insurance is excellent for those planning to use their insurance for preventative services throughout the year. However, it may not be the best choice for patients who require more complex dental work.



In-House Plans


An in-house dental savings plan uses a membership program that offers a specific set of patient coverage plans. Depending on the patient’s chosen program, it typically includes discounted dental care for a low monthly or yearly fee. In-house plans receive benefits that usually include standard preventive care and other treatments at a discounted price. It allows patients access to comprehensive, simple, affordable oral care coverage.


In-House is suitable for patients and helps encourage those without insurance to consider a membership plan. The bottom line for in-house dental procedures is that this program is offered to patients to make routine dental care more affordable.


To learn more about how in-house programs benefit patients and practices, check out this article on The Rise of In-House Dental Plans from Dental Economics.


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