Healthy Lunch Tips for Busy Moms

Life as a mom is tough! With so many things weighing on your mind, you want to find some shortcuts to make it easier and save you time. However, you don’t want to cut corners when it comes to your children’s diet. Don’t worry mama; we here at Abundant Dental Care pride ourselves on being a family dentistry and have compiled a list of ways to create healthy, easy lunches your little one will love that you won’t have to stress over.

Pack it Real Good

First off, get the right gear. We don’t mean kitchen equipment, we mean containers. Whether you prefer plastic or glass, getting containers with sections help makes your life easier and is fun for your child! These containers perfectly portion food and make you look like a pro, plus it keeps all the food separated which pleases picky eaters.

Prepare in Advance

If possible, depending on what you’re making, you may be able to prep a week’s worth of lunches on Sunday. If not, packing lunches the night before helps save time and stress in the morning before the kids rush off to school. One helpful tip when making sandwiches is to put mayo or mustard on top of the cheese and not on the bread so it doesn’t get soggy!

Switch It Up

Brushing your teeth at least twice each day is one of the only ways to remove the buildup of plaque and food inside your mouth that can cause issues with how your breath smells. Most people choose to brush once in the morning and once before going to bed at night, although you can also choose to brush after each meal to ensure that your teeth are healthy and that your breath continues to smell good.

Check the Chart

If you’re lacking inspiration, use this handy chart to make sure you pack a well-balanced meal.

Our dentists want you and your kids to eat healthy and be happy, we hope this list of quick tips for creating delicious, nutritious lunches helps make the week a little easier. Want more information? Contact our office today, we’re happy to help!