Root Canals: Myths and Facts


Root canals have a long history of being viewed as the most painful and negative dental procedure. Inaccurate information or fear-mongering over others’ experiences may have given them a bad reputation. Here are some facts and myths about root canals to ease your fears.


Myth: A root canal is one of the most painful dental procedures around.


In the past, root canals have carried this reputation but with all of the advancements in technology including better anesthesia, root canals are actually no more painful than getting a filling. Root canals themselves do not cause pain; rather the pain is caused by inflammation of the pulp chamber where the nerve is located inside the tooth.


Myth: After a root canal you can expect pain to go away immediately.


Pain will likely significantly diminish after the procedure. However, it is normal for the tooth to be sensitive for the first few days and pain killers can help. Mild pain, especially while chewing, may last for a few weeks.


Myth: Root canals require several appointments.


This actually depends on the severity of the problem. Typically the procedure lasts between one to three hours and can be done in one or two visits. If there is no infection or complications, the entire procedure can be done in one single appointment.


Myth: A tooth extraction is better than a root canal.


Saving your natural teeth is always the best option. A root canal is a much more cost-effective solution and in many cases root canal treated teeth last a lifetime.


Myth: You only need a root canal if you’re experiencing pain.


This is not always true. Many teeth that need root canal therapy will not cause pain. Regular checkups with your dentist can determine if you need a root canal treatment.



If you still have questions or concerns about root canals don’t hesitate to give us a call.