Five Dental Facts Your Dentist Probably Didn’t Tell You

Did you dentist tell you? Here are some facts your dentist probably didn’t tell you, brought to you by Abundant Dental Care’s dental office.

1. Enamel is the hardest substance in the body

That’s right, even harder than bone. Unlike bone; however, enamel does not heal itself. As soon as you have your adult teeth you have all the enamel you’ll ever get. So make sure to take care of with proper brushing and flossing.

2. Your toothbrush is a huge source of bacteria

While you probably take care to store your toothbrush as far from the toilet as possible did you know that your toothbrush is actually dirtier than your toilet seat! It’s true. The job of your toothbrush is to remove bacteria and so if usually ends up being coated in it. Make sure to get a new toothbrush often and keep it dry between uses.

3. Ornamented teeth date back at least 2,500 years ago

Can you believe that the Mayans practiced advanced dentistry? Using primitive drills, they would create small holes in the teeth for jewels to go into and they did it without breaking the teeth! They also shaped their teeth in interesting ways, which scientists believed show their advanced dentistry skills.

4. Your dentist and hygienist know if you haven’t been flossing

Now this one they may have told you. Not flossing each day means that you are literally leaving 40% of your tooth surfaces uncleaned. The dentist can tell you are skipping the floss due to the inflammation between the gums.

5. Most dentists offer some kind of dental financing

Many people forgo getting the dental care that they need because they lack the funds. Not having dental insurance or the cash upfront should never keep you from getting the care you need. At Abundant Dental Care we offer 0% financing. Click here to set up your appointment and to learn more.