Handling Dental Emergencies

Anytime you suffer from pain, discomfort or an accident, knowing what to do in case of a dental emergency is half the battle. Luckily, Abundant Dental Care is there for you when you need us most, and we will take your call immediately. Here are some helpful instructions to keep in mind should an emergency arise.

Stay Calm

After a traumatic experience, it’s natural to want to react and freak out, however the most important thing to do after a dental emergency occurs is to stay calm. Depending on what the emergency is, determines your next step but this is the most important thing to remember in any emergency situation.

If You Knocked Out or Broke a Tooth

If you knocked out a permanent tooth, protect the tooth the best you can. Place the tooth in a cup of water with 2-4 ice cubes and a pinch of salt. Please make sure to hold the tooth by the crown (the part you normally can see), never by the roots.

If you chipped or broke a tooth, be aware it may be extremely sensitive to hot and cold. Call us immediately so we can get you in. Avoid hot and cold foods and maintain mouth closure and breathe through your nose.

If You Lost a Filling

So you were chomping on something sticky or hard and felt something dislodge in your mouth. You may have lost a filling. If this is the case, call us and we will get you in right away.

If You Have a Toothache

There are a number of reasons that you may be experiencing a toothache, please call us right away so we can help to determine the best and fastest way to alleviate your pain.

Prevention Tips

We’re here for you if you need us, but it’s better if you don’t need us to begin with! Taking these simple precautions can hopefully lower the risk of dental emergencies occurring in the first place:

  • Wear a mouthguard when participating in sports or recreational activities
  • Avoid chewing hard candy, ice, popcorn kernels, and other hard items to prevent cracking a tooth
  • NEVER use your teeth to open sealed packages, use scissors instead

Abundant Dental Care is available to handle dental emergencies whenever you need us. Our highest priority is ensuring you’re comfortable, healthy, and pain-free. If you have any other questions or concerns call us today!