What an Emergency Dentist Can Do For You

A dental emergency can occur at any time of the day, even you’re diligent about brushing and flossing each day. Due to the unpredictable nature of dental issues, it’s important that you have a thorough understanding of how to find an emergency dentist and what these dentists can do for you. Here at Abundant Dental Care, our dental professionals are on hand to provide you with treatment on a 24/7 basis, whether during standard office hours or after them.

How Do I Find an Emergency Dentist Near Me?

When wondering “How do I find a dentist near me?”, Google is a great resource, as it uses your location to determine which dentists are nearest to your home. However, not all dentists offer emergency care, which is why it’s essential that you identify which dentists offer this service nearby your home. Abundant Dental Care has offices in Sugar House, Riverton, Murray and Sandy, all of which provide emergency dental services that you can make use of at any time of the day. There are an array of dental treatments that our dentists can perform after hours to accommodate your every need.

Now that you have the answer to “How do I find an emergency dentist near me?”, you will be prepared in the eventuality that you suffer from a dental issue that requires immediate treatment. When you don’t know whether or not the issue is an emergency, contact the dentist despite this, as they will be able to provide the best solution for your issue over the phone and help to determine next steps. This will allow you to know whether or not emergency dental services are necessary.

What an Emergency Dentist Can Do For You

Emergency dental care visits are designed to triage the immediate issue to ensure there is no additional damage and to get you as comfortable as possible. These after-hours consultations will begin with a phone call that will determine which symptoms you’re suffering from as a means of identifying which treatment you might require. During this phone call, the dentist will provide you with a couple of treatment options and will help you decide whether you should request the after-hours services or wait until the next day.

If you decide to make use of one of the after-hours treatment options, there are a variety of treatments that you can select from, ranging from standard pain and infection relief to denture repairs and replacement. The pain and infection relief treatment offered with emergency services is among the most commonly requested treatments due to the fact that it identifies the cause of tooth pain, of which there are many types. If the pain is due to an infection, emergency services are heavily recommended, as quick treatment is necessary to keep the infection from spreading and causing additional pain. If the pain is so severe that it adversely affects your everyday life, you may need to have a root canal performed, which is necessary as a treatment when the root of one of your teeth has become infected.

Some of the additional treatments available to you when requesting help from an emergency dentist include abscess tooth treatment, the treatment of broken and chipped teeth, the replacement of any fillings that have recently fallen out, general treatment for injuries that have occurred in the mouth, tooth extractions, and sedation dentistry, all of which are offered due to the fact that there are emergency situations when they could be required. An emergency dentist is able to fit their services into your exact schedule, which means that you can contact them 24/7. It’s important to understand that these services are designed to assist with minor dental issues that could worsen if left untreated. In the event that you suffer from a severe trauma, a large amount of bleeding, or a loss of consciousness due to the dental issue, you should call 911.

When you’re wondering “Is there a dentist near me that offers emergency services?”, contact us at Abundant Dental Care immediately, as we offer 24-hour emergency dental service that caters to your needs and will provide you with the treatment you deserve.